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The Sharpless Catalog

Sharpless Catalog

The Sharpless Catalog project is my effort to capture the detail of the Sharpless Catalog using hydrogen-alpha, oxygen III, sulfur II, and normal color filters.

Great Scenery Photography

Great Scenery

Great Scenery is my daytime nature photography Web site

Saturday February 06, 2016                                                  New Date:

Locations: Tucson, Arizona       Latitude 32N       Longitude 110.9W

Sunrise 7:13 AM
Sunset 6:01 PM
Distance 91,703,733 Miles
Angular Size 32.43 Min. of Arc
Position 21hr 06min -15° 50'
Constellation Capricornus
Julian Date 2457424.542
Moonrise 5:28 AM
Moonset 4:22 PM
Distance 240,694 Miles
Angular Size 31 Min. of Arc
Position 18hr 04min -17° 56'
Constellation Sagittarius
Phase 9.03%
Lunar Phases
New2/8/201614 39 UT
1st Qtr2/15/20167 46 UT
Full2/22/201618 20 UT
3rd Qtr3/1/201623 11 UT
New3/9/20161 54 UT
1st Qtr3/15/201617 03 UT
Full3/23/201612 01 UT

CCD Explorer Windows Software

CCD Explorer is a free Windows application that organizes your CCD images once they are processed.  It supports most graphic formats and has many features built into it.  In addition, the software has over 80,000 defined North American cities with longitude, latitude, time zones, other information.   Using defined cities, you can quickly look up information on the sun, moon, and planets.

CCD Explorer is FREE

Deep Sky Remote Observatory, Eastern Arizona

San Pedro Valley Observatory host remote observatories at a low monthly rental rate.
GSO 10 Inch F/8 RC mounted on a Astro-Physics 1200
QSI 583 WSG CCD, Lodestar Autoguider, AstroDon Filters
Automation - ACP